As described in previous blog entries, doubling, originally devised by Jacob Moreno, is the featured method in Collaborative Couple Therapy. You speak as if you were one of the partners talking to the other. When doubling for partners in an adversarial cycle, you replace accusations with acknowledgments and outbursts of angry feelings with expressions of [READ MORE]

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In the previous blog, I presented doubling, which was originated by Jacob Moreno, as the signature method of Collaborative Couple Therapy. When you double in couple therapy, you speak as if you were one of the partners talking to the other. In this newsletter, I discuss how my use of this method evolved over time [READ MORE]

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The principal means for discovering the conversation needed to solve the moment—and the signature method of Collaborative Couple Therapy—is doubling, an intervention originated by Jacob Moreno. Doubling, speaking as if you were one of the partners talking to the other, allows you to go: Within to bring out thoughts and feelings partners might be experiencing [READ MORE]

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In Collaborative Couple Therapy, we try to turn what’s happening between the partners at the moment into an intimate exchange. We: Go within to elucidate each partner’s struggle—to find what each needs to get across in order to feel fulfilled in the moment, experience a sense of relief, and be able now to listen to [READ MORE]

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The Collaborative Couple Therapy goal is to get partners collaborating—that is, working together as a team. The focus is on how partners relate to each other about the concern at hand rather than on how concretely to resolve it. I call this approach solving the moment, by which I mean turning the immediate alienated exchange—the [READ MORE]

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At any given moment, each of us has a leading-edge feeling—a thought or feeling that lies as the center of our attention and that motivates, intrigues, preoccupies, distracts, unnerves, or haunts us. The leading-edge feeling is what’s “alive” for us at that moment, as Marshall Rosenberg put it. It’s who we are at that instant. [READ MORE]

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The task in Collaborative Couple Therapy is to construct intimate conversations by helping partners confide their leading-edge feeling, often the one that’s rattling around in their minds making them uneasy (or, as Marshall Rosenberg put it, what’s alive for them at the moment). If they confide this leading-edge feeling—figure it out, put it in words, [READ MORE]

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This is the second of a two-part discussion of the tasks required of a couple therapist and how a collaborative couple therapist accomplishes them. In the previous writeup, I talked about three factors: the management of the session, who talks to whom, and the role of the therapist. Here I want to talk about the [READ MORE]

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As part of a recent workshop, I tried to describe the tasks the couple therapist needs to accomplish and the decisions he or she needs to make. These tasks and decisions include: Management of the session Who talks to whom What roles to take What skills to teach What knowledge to impart In the following, [READ MORE]

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The task in Collaborative Couple Therapy is to become spokesperson for both partners—that is, to help them give voice to what they are struggling with. This task is made harder by our pathology-oriented language, prompting us to stand back in negative judgment rather than appreciate the client’s struggle. Many of the terms used for describing [READ MORE]

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